18 July 2012


I'll probably not going to update this space anymore.


21 June 2012


The much anticipated trip of the year! I spent my birthday somewhere over 3,000 miles away, alone. There is always a first in everything and if you don't do it, you will never know.

Some pictures at the Tokyo Imperial Palace. In this modern city and surrounded by all the tall infrastructures, the moment you entered into the premises, it is like you are in a different era. Beautiful place..

And that is the restaurant where I had the best bacon ever. And not to forget the salad! I even bought the salad sauce from the shop because it was so good! That's coming from someone who hates veggies. ^^

20 May 2012


Top from Taobao, Shorts by Feist, Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Pewter, Proena Schouler PS1 clutch and Accessories by YSL & from BKK

Couldn't find any better ways of wearing this top. At first glance, it was as though I was pants-less.

7 more days to the Land of the Rising Sun! Totally can't wait!! がんばって!

30 April 2012


Dress by Marni for H&M, Zara heels, YSL arty bangle & rings and Celine Trio used at clutch

I love the print so much.. This is definitely a keeper!

We explored Marina Bay Sands last weekend and walked around pretending we are foreigners. If I haven't noticed, I didn't realized how much this place has transformed! Keep it up, Singapore!

29 April 2012


Dress by Marni for H&M, Zara heels and Celine bag

Special thanks to Annie who helped me to acquire the dress!! I have thought of visiting the H&M store to grab some Marni pieces but I heard the queue was horrendous!

My boyfriend was in a good mood so he took some photos for me. I'll update more on the next post.


23 April 2012


Top by Mango, Knit cardigan & Pants both by Topshop, Cut out oxford by Minimarket, Accessories by YSL & Balenciaga and Givenchy Pandora

What I wore for my "Orientation" last weekend. Surprisingly the color of my hair still stays.. I would highly recommend anyone to go to the Salon I went because I think she did a good job!

Last week was hell as I was swarmed with work and this week isn't getting better. KL business trip and never-ending workload... Can't wait for the weekend already!


12 April 2012


White in its purest form. I really hope they restock the Laurie bag soon because at the moment it is sold out everywhere it's so sad.. :'(

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